We are hoping to build a great team of volunteers this year to assist all the wonderful teachers at IES. If you are interested in being a part of that team, please email PTA Volunteer Chair, at volunteers@iespta.org. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

Constant Needs:

Nurse Request:
The nurse's office needs gently worn clothing donations for both girls and boys who have accidents at school and need clean clothes to change into. Short sleeve shirts in all sizes are needed as well as underwear and shorts sizes 6-8. Please drop off donations at the office.

Mrs. Love, our librarian, needs help throughout the week with shelving books, helping students find books, etc. If you'd like to set up a time and day that you can help her, please email her at carolyn.love@kellerisd.net. Also, if you ever have a few extra minutes, feel free to stop by the library and shelve some books!

Volunteers a re needed to help teachers and staff with various tasks such as copying, cutting, laminating, etc. In the workroom are two stacks of black bins. The left stack is for incoming jobs and the right stack is for completed jobs. The teachers will have instructions attached. Please contact the PTA Room Parent Coordinator, at roomparent@iespta.org for workroom volunteering.

There is also a work-board on the wall for teachers and staff to post other jobs that are needed. For example, a teacher may need help putting up or taking down stuff on their walls.

If you have some extra time, please stop by the workroom and check the bins and board. Some days there may not be any jobs needed but some days there may be quite a few. Since IESPTA implemented the work bins/board system a couple years ago, the teachers have really been appreciative of our help.

More needs and events will be posted throughout the year, so PLEASE check this page often and your email as well. We appreciate all your help!!!! For questions or information regarding Volunteering, please contact our PTA Volunteer Chair, at volunteers@iespta.org.

Click on the links for volunteer options below. Create an account with your email address and choose the time you are available from the spots available. Thank you!

Current Immediate Needs:

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